Virtual Events

2020 Dayton Women in Leadership Symposium08/06/2020
2020 New Jersey Women in Leadership Symposium08/07/2020
2020 Cleveland Women in Leadership Symposium08/11/2020
2020 Virtual Statewide Veterans Summit08/12/2020
2020 Columbus Women in Leadership Symposium08/13/2020
2020 WILS-Michigan08/18/2020
2020 Virtual Pennsylvania LGBTQ+ Unity Summit08/19/2020
2020 Florida Business of Diversity & Inclusion08/21/2020
2020 Georgia Women in Leadership Symposium08/21/2020
2020 New York Women in Leadership Symposium08/26/2020
2020 Pennsylvania Q3 Chapter Meeting08/28/2020
2020 Virtual Denver Women in Leadership Symposium08/28/2020
2020 East Virtual DiversityFIRST Certification Program08/31/2020
Virtual Lunch + Learn09/09/2020
2020 Virtual Colorado Healthcare Diversity Summit09/10/2020
2020 California WILS09/15/2020
2020 Tri-State Generational Diversity Summit09/15/2020
2020 MIDC Member Community Chapter Meeting-September09/16/2020
DE&I and Multicultural Marketing09/17/2020
2020 Virtual Pennsylvania disABILITY Summit09/17/2020
2020 Virtual Latinas in Leadership Breakfast09/24/2020
2020 Ohio disABILITY Summit09/25/2020
2020 Georgia disABILITY Summit10/07/2020
2020 Virtual Colorado LGBTQ+ Unity Summit10/08/2020
2020 Northern Ohio Diversity In Action Summit10/08/2020
2020 Central Texas Virtual Women in Leadership Symposium10/13/2020
2020 Tri-State Authentic Leadership Summit10/15/2020
2020 Dallas Women in Leadership Sympsoium10/15/2020
2020 Southern Ohio Virtual Diversity in Action Summit10/22/2020
2020 San Antonio Women in Leadership Symposium11/03/2020
2020 Gulf Coast Virtual Women in Leadership Symposium11/05/2020
2020 Virtual Arizona Healthcare Diversity Summit11/12/2020
2020 Virtual Texas DiversityFIRST Best Practices & Awards12/09/2020