Neeta Sane

VP Youth Outreach
National Diversity Council

Neeta SaneNeeta Sane is a successful entrepreneur, community leader, wife and mother who brings to the HCC Board a unique blend of innovative entrepreneurship, educational background and fervor to serve the community with universal values.
Sane strongly believes that educational attainment is a basic necessity for all members of the community to succeed and reach their fullest potential in life. Her vision and desire is to make educational opportunities available for every household through Houston Community College and equip residents with greater knowledge, skills and enhanced earning potential in the global economy, thereby strengthening the local community.

Sane, with her strong academic and deep creative interests, successfully made scientific and technological advances in the field of Chemistry as she graduated with a Master of Science degree from University of Houston-Clear Lake. She carried out computational research as part of the collaborative project for Rice University and University of Houston to publish research papers in scientific journals.

Sane grew up in India with tremendous respect for the United States of America. Since coming to this country, she has immersed herself in community service in an effort to give back some of the blessings and opportunities that this country gave to her. She is deeply committed to public service. She has served in leadership positions in community organizations such as American Association of University Women, Vote-Texas, Texas Democratic Women and Fort Bend Democratic Party. She has been an active member of American Business Women Association, League of Women Voters, and Sugar Land Rotary Club. Sane served as Vice President for the National Diversity Council, the umbrella organization for state diversity councils, in 2010. She received the 2009 DiversityFirst award from Texas Diversity Council. In 2011 Sane was honored by the State of Texas House of Representatives in recognition of her service to the community and HCC. The House commended Sane for her efforts to strengthen the college’s capacity to serve as a pathway to higher education and workforce training.

One of her major community accomplishments was founding a county-wide International Festival in one of the fastest growing and ethnically diverse counties in the US. Sane took the initiative and made history in Fort Bend County by successfully launching the first International Festival in the Southwest region of Houston. With the assistance of a wide range of individuals from many races and cultures, she achieved the goal of bringing over 5,000 people of all ages and from diverse communities together in an enthusiastic and educational experience to share their many cultures and values that make up today’s face of America.
Today, as a business owner, Sane leads a successful software development and consulting company. Their innovative fraud-prevention and payment processing system, which increases both security and operational efficiency, has been used by Fortune 500 companies. Her business acumen, as well as her extensive experience, makes her prepared to forge a meaningful role in governing Houston Community College.
Sane is committed to “Student Success.” As an HCC Trustee, she promises to promote HCC policies that will result in building a stronger student base. She is also committed to establishing stronger business partnerships for a mutually beneficial educational and workforce environment in the community.

Sane’s objective is to ensure that students get quality education at an affordable price and at easily accessible locations through Houston Community College. She has become actively involved in developing policies that support the development and implementation of a diversity program at HCC where students and employees from all backgrounds, ethnicities and genders are recognized and respected for the diverse experiences they bring to HCC and are given additional opportunities to achieve success regardless of their diverse backgrounds.