Webinars – September 2017

Sahar AndradeChristy Pruitt-Haynes
We Wrote the Diversity Policy…Isn’t that Enough?

*Available September 5, 2017*

As humans, we believe we are intelligent and capable so when people look, act or talk differently than we do our first thought is often, why are they doing it that way? Don’t they know the company would be a better place if everyone was just like me?This workshop will help answer why diversity is needed and more importantly, go on to teach how all of those different ways of thinking and acting will enhance the bottom line.

You will walk away with an actionable plan that will help strengthen your organization, improve team member morale and increase access to untapped markets…getting your organization one step closer to success.

Sahar AndradeDanné L. Johnson
We Wrote the Diversity Policy…Isn’t that Enough?

*Available September 19, 2017*

Discussion about diversity and inclusion from a personal and corporate perspective. The coverage will include stumbling block, and strategies to having difficult conversations. The session will conclude with a few concrete suggestions that can set you and your organization on the road to thinking, discussing, and implementing strategies to achieve diversity and inclusion.

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