Webinars – September 2016

Marcia V. Perkins Diane SawyerMarcia V. Perkins
Diane Sawyer
Lead Others: Leverage the Full Potential of Women in the Workforce
Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Companies can only achieve maximum results by leveraging the full potential of women in the workplace. Organizations struggle to achieve this and women face specific challenges and have unique styles that companies and managers may not recognize or know how to manage.

Gathered Wisdom Partners® interviewed over 200 people from over 150 companies, representing a broad spectrum of industries, roles, backgrounds, geographies and ages, to gather their insights and lessons learned for working women and leaders. They analyzed their proprietary research and created a framework which translates real-life lessons into practical methods that produce immediate results.

This summary of Gathered Wisdom Partners’ research includes: 1) highlights from the Lead Yourself and Lead Others models, and 2) select techniques to address gender differences and unlock hidden potential in your organization.

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