Webinars – September 2012

Paula Yoder, M.S.EHRDPaula Yoder, M.S.EHRD
Knowledge, Difference, Power and the Ways of Knowing

September 25, 2012
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CST

In the Science of Knowing/Knowledge, there is an understanding of our voices and how people are to be heard or listened to. Mary Belenky’s work determined that there are phases we go through, for example:

Silence where we are voiceless, Received Knowledge where the voice comes through authority (and it’s not our own voices), Subjective Knowledge (we challenge authority and start looking for our voices), Procedural Knowledge (we seek to understand objective and rational perspectives and we believe people honor this in our own voices), and Constructed Knowledge (we take responsibility for shaping our own knowledge and we come to have a voice).

There are separated ways of knowing; where we doubt our own voices and there are connected ways of knowing, where we believe our own voices. Other people will not hear our (literal) voices unless we are connected and believe in our own voices.

This research was done heavily with women, who in some way (home life, work, education, health and other areas) believed that their voices were silenced.

Jan ZuehlkeLara ZuehlkeJan Zuehlke, Ph.D. and Lara Zuehlke

You Can’t Mandate What Matters – Leading Diverse Teams
September 26, 2012
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CST

It’s not always easy leading teams—especially when those teams are composed of individuals with vast differences in personality, creativity, and identity. What matters to and motivates each individual on your team varies greatly, which is why it’s impossible to make wide-scale mandates. In this Webinar, you’ll walk away with a new understanding of how to create an environment where everyone on your team feels freer to contribute, innovate, and create—even in the midst of ongoing change.

More specifically, we’ll explore:

  • The ways people perceive and process information and how this impacts performance.
  • What it means to emPower others through creative authorship.
  • How to lead teams through the 4 stages of change.

  • Webinar Presentations