Webinars – October 2013

Yolanda LewisYolanda Lewis
Success: When your Best Isn’t Good Enough

Tuesday October 8, 2014

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Lan BercuLan Bercu
Succeeding in an Intercultural Organization

Tuesday October 22, 2014

Never before have we lived in such an interconnected, interrelated and intercultural world. The new technology, work force migration and globalization has brought new opportunities and not without challenges. This webcast will increase your ability to overcome cross-cultural issues, manage and lead diverse teams and customers, establish positive relationship that helps you to accomplish your goals.

You will learn

  • Traits and competencies to succeed in managing and leading a multicultural organization.
  • Cross cultural values, communication styles and organizational patterns that may block collaboration and organizational effectiveness.
  • Managing intercultural conflict.

You will be able to

  • Apply global leadership techniques for fostering intercultural collaboration.
  • Implement tools to improve cross-cultural communications.
  • Handle disagreements with people whose conflict and conflict resolution styles are different than yours.
Leslie SaundersLeslie Saunders
Which Way America? – The Significance of D & I Management Strategy in Determining America’s Future

Tuesday October 29, 2014

After 5 decades, isn’t it about time we stopped trying to put band-aids on America’s diversity and inclusion boo-boos? WHICH WAY AMERICA? examines where America has been on dealing with diversity and inclusion for the past 50 years, where we are now and where we should be. It will also explore the most critical challenges businesses, organizations, communities and social groups must be committed to resolving immediately for America to move beyond the diversity and inclusion quagmire that lies at the foundation of so many of our nation’s problems.

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