Kari HeistadKari Heistad
CEO of Culture Coach International

About Kari Heistad

Kari Heistad’s work as CEO of Culture Coach International (CCI) focuses on helping companies to put culture to work for them instead of against them. Intent upon helping companies to understand the bottom line impact of cultural and diversity issues, the work of CCI is both practical and strategic in nature as the changing demographics are forcing companies, both nationally and internationally, to recognize the changing face and needs of not only their workforces but also their customers.

Kari leads a team who bring more than 100 years of cross cultural and diversity experience to their work. In her own work, Kari draws upon her travels to 16 different countries and her experiences living and working overseas. She has served as a speaker before 15,000 people through her keynote addresses, training programs and speeches before business and cultural groups on both a regional and a national level. She enjoys serving as a resource for members of the media on cultural and diversity issues including the Wall Street Journal, and has written various articles for the Boston Business Journal (BBJ), Workstyle Magazine, MassHighTech, and Staffing Today.

The CCI client list includes a variety of companies from many fields including: Finance, Banking, Consumer Products, Educational Services, Consulting, Healthcare services, Technology & Public Relations.

Kari holds a Master’s in International Administration from the School for International Training, and a bachelor’s degree from Bates College. Her passion for international exploration started at a young age. In an essay written in the 3rd grade titled, “Who I am”, Kari wrote, “I also enjoy traveling. I find it interesting to compare different kinds of geography, different styles of living and to meet new and different people.” She speaks passably fluent Norwegian and enough Spanish, French and Greek to entertain the locals.

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