Webinars – November 2012

Kari HeistadKari Heistad
Culture Coach International

Cultural Competence in Healthcare
November 13, 2012
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CST

The United States is becoming more culturally diverse by the day and the growing ethnic and cultural populations are increasingly seeking health care services from providers who both “speak their language” and who also are able to provide care that is culturally appropriate. In addition to this, it is becoming increasingly evident that health care outcomes are not equal across gender, race and culture. This has prompted both Federal and State involvement through such efforts as regulation and encouragement for health care systems to provide culturally competent care.

This Webinar will explore concepts of what culture is and what it means to deliver culturally competent health care. In addition, we will look at the changing demographics of the United States and the implications for health care delivery and how different regulating bodies are getting involved to mandate the delivery of culturally competent health care.

With this information in mind, the Webinar will strive to inform the participants on the beginnings stages of cultural competency by looking at the following:

  • Changing demographics of patient and provider populations in US.
  • Define culture & cultural competence.
  • Regulatory environment relating to cultural competence.
  • Learn how to approach different cultures from point of positive curiosity.
  • Explore culturally competent health care.
  • Strategies for gaining cultural competency at individual and organization level.
  • Webinar Presentations