Webinars – May 2015

Tamika Curry SmithTamika Curry Smith
Employee Engagement & Recognition – What Really Works?

May 5, 2015
12pm — 1pm Eastern / 11am — 12pm Central / 9am — 10am Pacific

Employee engagement is a focus area for many organizations because it has been cited as one of the ways to improve performance. But what do organizations need to keep in mind as they roll out engagement initiatives, particularly given the research that shows diversity and inclusion is connected to employee engagement?

This webinar will

  • Discuss the concept of employee engagement
  • Point out the link between diversity and inclusion and engagement
  • Illustrate how employee recognition can impact engagement
  • Share strategies and techniques to drive engagement and recognition within organizations
Consuela WardConsuela Ward
Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Alignment

May 19, 2015
12pm — 1pm Eastern / 11am — 12pm Central / 9am — 10am Pacific

The diversity process is a major vein of any forward thinking organization, flowing from philosophy to all levels of community and its governance of daily operations. Potential for success is greatest when diversity and inclusion become part of the organization’s overall strategic planning process. Having the foresight to establish diversity as an organizational goal from the outset supports the move of these activities from the category of an “extra” initiative to an integrated and mainstream component of the organization’s core values. In addition, creating a work environment that supports cultural consciousness and competence can lead to increased production and decreased risk management. Join Dr. Consuela Ward as she facilitates this webinar which will focus on the process of assessing the culture of your organization and creating and measuring appropriate diversity goals and action plans to address the gaps, challenges, and opportunities.

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