Glynis Ross-Munro

Business Consultant
Competency & Performance Solutions

Glynis Ross-MunroGlynis Ross-Munro is a business consultant, with specializations in customized training and coaching. She has many years experience in analyzing business issues, and help-ing companies to achieve a bottom-line competitive advantage in business.

She has three degrees in industrial psychology and in educational psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of South Africa. She is qualified in instructional design and competency-based training assessment through City and Guilds of London, UK, and is based in Tampa, Florida.

Glynis led many diversity-related programs in South Africa from 1990 – 2000, and cre-ated a wide range of custom leadership and training solutions. She emigrated to the USA in 2000 to work with her brother’s international ultra-precision engineering busi-ness, serving clients in about 100 countries.

She now consults on diversity, inclusion, culture, communication, the impact of human differentness in business, and customized solutions to multi-cultural, multi-generational, challenges.

Glynis has broad experience in strategic and operational 
leadership and management, team skills, sales, soft skills, innovation
 and process improvement. She has a strong in-terest in innovation, creativity and critical thinking skills, and in intra/ entrepreneurship. She often works with her son, Greg Ross-Munro, a successful Tampa Bay technology entrepreneur.

Glynis has a diverse and international background, and has Welsh, Indian, African, Dutch and Malay heritage. She became a US citizen in 2006.

She has traveled on six continents, and speaks three languages. She is a director of the American International Business Council, a past Vice President of the Tampa Bay Inter-national Business Council, a member of the International Society for Performance Im-provement, a past Director of the American Society of Training and Development.

Glynis is married to Hilton Ross-Munro. They have two sons, Greg and Graeme.

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