Webinars – May 2014

Glynis Ross-MunroGlynis Ross-Munro
Multicultural Competence: Key skills for progress and profits

May 13, 2014

Most organizations know that multicultural competence attracts new and existing customers, talented workers, and good suppliers.

This webinar goes beyond competency lists, into specific and systematic ways of building multicultural skills throughout an organization.

It discusses simple and affordable programs that organizations can implement and sustain, and that build multiculturalism into a company’s DNA. It looks at ways that organizations can measure progress on their journey to multicultural success, and how to benchmark the final goal – being a globally-responsive, self-sustainingly multicultural business.

Steve SpaethSteve Spaeth
Project Management to Advance Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives

May 27, 2014


Allen HechtAllen Hecht
Project Management to Advance Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives

May 27, 2014

Among the inclusion and diversity employee resource groups at National Grid are the Veteran Employees Resource Group (VERG) and Hands Together. These groups joined to sponsor an “adopt-a-soldier” program that groups employees into teams that write letters and send packages to members of the U.S. Armed Forces serving overseas. The VERG also sponsors “Veterans to Veterans,” a program that pairs newly hired US Armed Forces Veterans with National Grid “veterans” (experienced employees) to help the former adjust, learn about the company, and to ultimately succeed. Steven Spaeth and Allen Hecht will discuss how they applied basic project management tools to create these programs and then get them up and running. Steve and Allen’s experiences and lessons learned may be applied to any diversity program and will hopefully encourage and help webinar attendees to start diversity programs of their own.

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