Webinars – March 2013

John EngstromJohn Engstrom
Hiring & Transitioning Veterans Into the Workplace

March 12, 2013

Is your company interested in hiring veterans but not sure how to do it?

  • Learn about the special skills that veterans bring to the table.
  • Learn about where the talent pools are for veterans and transitioning military personnel.
  • Learn how to set up a successful veterans program from the ground-up!
Michael CarleyMichael Carley
Hidden Disabilities in the Workplace: Gaining Confident Management

March 19, 2013

Today, more than 1 in 6 people worldwide is estimated to have a disability of some kind-more than half of which are estimated to be hidden disabilities, so it is likely that any large company already employs many of those individuals-even if the employees have not disclosed, or are even diagnosed. “Hidden Disabilities in the Workplace: Gaining Confident Management” provides an overview of the increasing role that all Hidden Disabilities now plays within large employers and their Diversity & Inclusion strategies. This presentation outlines both the challenges and benefits Hidden Disabilities present to large companies. It also provides the beginner steps towards managing these employees more effectively, and creating an environment that will promote disclosure.

Paula YoderPaula Yoder, M.S.EHRD
Knowledge, Difference, Power and the Ways of Knowing Session II

March 26, 2013

  1. Review and discussion of the YouTube sessions from first session. Please note: If you did not participate during the previous session, the YouTube links will be provided.
  2. Overview of the Five Steps of Knowing:
    a. Silenced Knowing (no voice)
    b. Received Knowing (what others told you)
    c. Subjective Knowing (personal, intuitive not factual)
    d. Procedural Knowing (we pick and choose and begin decision making and critical thinking), and
    e. Constructed Knowing (we validate with proof, facts, experienced truth)
  3. De-brief of the steps most challenged by society (the first three steps) and emphasize the last two steps which lead to empowerment and voices
    a. Silenced Voices Challenging Social Construction
    b. Received Knowing Challenging Social Construction
    c. Subjective Knowing Challenging Social Construction
  4. View final one or two YouTube videos: Women in India and unskilled workers in United States
    • Oppression, Education, Abuse and Neglect, Workers
  1. Empowerment and Knowledge, and What the Five Steps of Knowing have the ability to do to enhance our skill sets as women and men
  • Webinar Presentations