Webinars – June 2017

Charlene RousseauDr. Charlene Rousseau
Diversity and Inclusion: More than Race and Gender
**Available June 6, 2017

As technology continues to improve and organizations look to find new ways to innovate, it has become increasingly necessary to look at how Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) can influence an organization. D&I is no longer just about hiring people from different races, genders, cultures, or generations, but about recognizing a unique blend of culture, religion, ethnicity, gender, and personality lead to different ways of thinking. Incorporating employees’individual views and ideas are what will help organizations innovate, grow, and remain competitive in the future. In addition, employees desire to be viewed and respected as individuals and contribute their ideas to make a difference either within the organization or to its customers.


Mary MartinezMary Martinez
Culture Competence: The Key to Inclusion
**Available June 20, 2017

We are confronted daily by the reality of differences in our world and workplaces, but we still struggle with how to manage these differences effectively to create organizations that thrive on inclusion. In the end, it comes down to changing the ways we think about and respond to difference – which is easy to say but remains elusive to do. The key to unlocking the door to inclusion is intercultural competence.In this webinar, we will explore the connection between diversity, culture, intercultural competence and inclusion and learn how to use an assessment and development tool called the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)®. The IDI is based on the model of intercultural competence originated by Milton Bennett and further refined by Michael R. Hammer. It enables individuals and organizations to understand their level of competence in dealing with difference and develop a plan for growth. It also provides a common language so that inclusion is more easily and frequently discussed as a value, and leveraged as a competitive advantage.


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