Webinars – June 2015

Aaron GloverAaron Glover
The Challenges and Strategies of Hiring and Retaining Military Veterans

June 9, 2015
12pm — 1pm Eastern / 11am — 12pm Central / 9am — 10am Pacific

Our nation’s veterans have acquired a wealth of knowledge, skills, and competencies through professional training and work experience, but how does an organization successfully recruit and hire veterans? Learn about military culture, veterans expectations and how your organization can utilize strategies to successfully recruit, hire and retain veterans.

Christine CliftonChristine Clifton
You Don’t Have to Shout to Stand Out: Say What You Need To Say So You Can Make A Bigger Impact

June 23, 2015
12pm — 1pm Eastern / 11am — 12pm Central / 9am — 10am Pacific

In today’s technology rich world, much of our business interactions have migrated to email, instant messaging, and texting – often when our colleagues are just across the hallway. While it may be easier, it is causing our conversation muscles to atrophy. Teams are becoming more separate and less cohesive as a result. Differences of opinion or view point aren’t as easily resolved and conflict can arise.

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