Webinars – July 2015

Patricia GillettePatricia Gillette
Feminism 2.0: Bringing Men Into the Conversation

Tuesday July 14, 2015
12pm — 1pm Eastern / 11am — 12pm Central / 9am — 10am Pacific

Words matter. And that couldn’t be more true than when people are asked to react to the word “feminism”. That word evokes images for some of equality – equality in home, work, compensation, and community and for others of angry, militant women from the 60s. We will explore the “new feminism” that merges the two images into a movement, using the passion surrounding the inequities of the past to bring equality of opportunities to the next generation of leaders. The new feminism brings men into the conversation, both in recognition of the power they wield, and because women and men now face more common issues in terms of managing the demands of work and home. We will discuss how the new feminism is positively influencing our workplaces, what motivates men to be involved in this movement, and the benefits that flow to both women and men from engaging men in the process and making them part of the solution. Our analysis will include overcoming difficulties women face in obtaining positions of leadership, building client relationships with diverse teams of lawyers, and the challenges that women – and men – face in breaking the rules of convention when it comes to taking maternity/paternity leave or attempting to achieve a greater work life balance.

Jane PierceJane Pierce
Habits of Successful Leaders

Tuesday July 28, 2015
12pm — 1pm Eastern / 11am — 12pm Central / 9am — 10am Pacific

A leader’s #1 role is driving business results through others. While most leaders try their best to get those results, there are those who seem to naturally inspire high performing teams and individuals. Their teams bring their “A” Game every day. Today, learn three habits that differentiate these leaders from the majority habits that you can apply immediately that will unleash your leadership effectiveness and unlock the talent on your team. These habits will give you the leadership advantage you are looking for. As an added bonus, these same habits will enhance your effectiveness at home as well.

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