Webinars – July 2014

Julia Wai-Yin So, Ph.D.Julia Wai-Yin So, Ph.D.
Decoding the Inscrutable Asians

July 15, 2014

Although the population of Asian Americans (residents in the US of Asian heritage) in the US remains small—5.6% of the US population, Asians (residents in Asia) constitute over 60% of the world’s population. As “our world flattens”, Asia now seems to be right next door, yet the closer proximity has not fostered closeness. We may find ourselves communicating with Asians/Asian Americans on a daily basis, either physically or virtually, yet some of their behaviors and ours are misunderstood or even perceived offensive. This webinar is designed to examine some of the misperception that participants may have of Asians/Asian Americans and to decode certain cultural communication codes that are unique to Asians/Asian Americans, as well as the specific cultural values that drive those behaviors.

Who will benefit from this webinar

  • Educators / Health Care Providers
  • HR mid-level managers
  • Service Providers / Sales Executives
  • Community Relations Professionals
Amy WoodAmy Wood
Life Your Way: 10 Principles for Being Successful on Your Terms

July 29, 2014

How can you be happier at home and work? It’s hard to know in the information age when incentives to grow personally and professionally entice us in a constant stream from every direction. Facilitated by psychologist Amy Wood, author of the award-winning book Life Your Way, this webinar cuts through the clutter of quick-fix self-help hype — Reinvent yourself by Friday! Transform your career/relationships/body in three easy steps! and teaches a powerful program for living and working at your best amid the clamor.

Participants will

  • Recognize five mistakes most of us make when trying to simplify life, reduce stress and better ourselves, so you can recognize these mistakes and stop wasting time.
  • Learn ten proven and sustainable principles for living and working more fully in line with what you love and are great at.
  • Feel more confident, competent, and in control no matter what is happening in the outer world.
  • Understand the surprisingly simple secret to catapulting yourself into your own amazing version of success.
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