Webinars – January 2018

Katherin Nukk-FreemanKatherin Nukk-Freeman
Beyond the Bathroom – Best Practices for Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace

January 2018

What an opportunity to get advice from someone who is in the thick of issues that can impact not just your organization’s bottom line, but also your team’s morale and performance! In this webinar, Katherin walks you through a clear definition of terms so that you won’t make common, and potentially costly, mistakes. You’ll get an introduction to laws at the national, state and local level that protect transgender employees.

Katherin provides her list of best practices – everything from fair and responsible access, confidentiality concerns, use of proper pronouns, appropriate dress codes, policy and procedure guidelines, development of a workplace transition plan, and training for effective inclusion.

She wraps up with key takeaways and contact information, should you wish or need further information.

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