Michael John Carley

Executive Director
ASTEP (the Asperger Syndrome Training & Employment Partnership)

Michael CarleyMichael John Carley received his B.A. from Hampshire College in 1986 and his M.F.A. from Columbia University in 1989. In addition to being an author, he serves as both the Executive Director of GRASP, and the Executive Director of ASTEP.

As the new Executive Director of ASTEP, he works with corporations helping them to understand the needs of their spectrum employees and has spoken at several Corporate Diversity and Human Resource conferences.

As the Executive Director of GRASP, the largest organization in the world comprised of adults on the autism spectrum, he has made over 100 speaking engagements to conferences, hospitals, universities, and health care organizations.

He has appeared in the media widely, most notably in the New York Times, Washington Post, NY Newsday, the London Times, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the Chronicle of Higher Education, NEWSWEEK OnAir, ABCNews, BBC News, FOX News Network, Huffington Post, Exceptional Parent, Psychology Today, and on radio with Terry Gross’ Fresh Air, and The Infinite Mind. NPR News also aired a 12-minute story in June of 2006 that featured he and GRASP. Carley was also featured in the documentary, “On the Spectrum.” His articles have been published in magazines such as Autism Specrum News, Autism Spectrum Quarterly, TAP (The Autism Perspective), Autism/Asperger Digest; and in newsletters such as the OARacle. His first book, Asperger’s From the Inside Out: A Supportive and Practical Guide for Anyone with Asperger’s Syndrome (Penguin/Perigee), was released in April, 2008, and he has recently completed his second book, The Last Memoir of Asperger’s Syndrome (TBD).

He was the inaugural FAR Fund Fellow in 2003; and he has since received NYFAC’s Ben Kramer Award (2008), the BCID Award for Service (2009), Columbia University’s Herbert M. Cohen Lecture (2011), and Eden II’s Peter McGowan & John Potterfield Achievement Award (2011).

Until 2001, Mr. Carley was the United Nations Representative of Veterans for Peace, Inc. In that time, he was known primarily for his work in Bosnia, and in Iraq as the Project Director of the internationally acclaimed Iraq Water Project. Prior to 2001 he was a playwright who enjoyed 15 productions and 10 readings of his plays in New York.

Along with his (then) 4-year old son, he was diagnosed with AS in November of 2000. He lives with his wife, Kathryn Herzog, and 2 sons in Brooklyn. In his spare time, he coaches travel baseball, and plays semi-pro baseball.

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