Webinars – January 2014

Joshua A. Sky, MA, SPHRJoshua A. Sky, MA, SPHR
Diversity in Human Behavior – What, Who, How and Why You Need to Know
January 7, 2014

Joshua A. Sky, MA, SPHR, will lead us in a conversation about a different aspect of diversity – human behavior. Learn how dimensions of human behavior, which can be classified, actually cross the more traditional categories of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation and age. Beginning with a simple exercise, we will explore differences that exist in our daily lives – both professional and personal. Greater awareness and understanding will allow us to become more effective.

Deloris SmileyDeloris Smiley
Executive Director, Diversity & Cultural Affairs
Nova Southeastern University
Diversity and Leadership – Strategies for Success
January 7, 2014

If organizations want to grow and be innovative in future marketplaces, it is a strategic and operational necessity that they embrace diversity and become culturally competent. To exclude diversity in leadership positions is no longer an option. This Webinar will explore the critical competencies that leaders need to develop and maintain in order to work effectively at a professional level within an environment of increasing racial, ethnic and cultural diversity.
Michael John CarleyMichael John Carley
Hidden Disabilities in the Workplace: Gaining Confident Management
January 14, 2014

Today, more than 1 in 6 people worldwide is estimated to have a disability of some kind-more than half of which are estimated to be hidden disabilities, so it is likely that any large company already employs many of those individuals-even if the employees have not disclosed, or are even diagnosed. “Hidden Disabilities in the Workplace: Gaining Confident Management” provides an overview of the increasing role that all Hidden Disabilities now plays within large employers and their Diversity & Inclusion strategies. This presentation outlines both the challenges and benefits Hidden Disabilities present to large companies. It also provides the beginner steps towards managing these employees more effectively, and creating an environment that will promote disclosure. The presentation also summarizes potential recruiting challenges of college-educated people with Hidden Disabilities.

Workplace Application
HR staff will be able to better understand, recognize, and manage hidden disabilities.

Recertification /Learning Objectives

  • Increased understanding of the variety of potential hidden disabilities in current employees
  • Awareness of legal issues surrounding Disclosure
  • Possible tools for successfully managing employees with Hidden Disabilities
  • Why it is important in today’s environment for all employers to understand hidden disabilities in the workplace
Nicole KingNicole King
What is Organizational Commitment and How Does it Affect your Organization?
January 28, 2014

Defining the 3 areas of organizational commitment and why should HR/Managers consider including this in their evaluations. How organizational commitment affects their organizations and some strategies managers can use to incorporate into their organizations.

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