Webinars – February 2018

Philecia C. Avery, Pharm.D.Philecia C. Avery
Inclusion: A Destination or a Journey?

February 2018

Overview: There’s been countless seminars, presentations, books, and white papers diving into diversity and inclusion. This webinar looks specifically at inclusion and the strategy to get there. Additionally, once you get there, then what?

After a quick review of what inclusion is and is not, the audience is presented with information to consider if inclusion is really a place we can reach or if inclusion is a continuous journey. Is inclusion really necessary? Is it realistic to think we can ever have a truly inclusive environment? What are some of the strategies and tactics to getting to a state of inclusion? What are some of the critical requirements and resources needed to obtain and sustain an inclusive environment?

Dr. Avery wraps up with a consideration of if inclusion a destination or journey?

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