Webinars – February 2015

Patty MalonePatty Malone
Transform Resistance into Support During Organizational Change

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Companies waste $37 billion a year on miscommunication and misunderstanding. In today’s world of doing more, faster, and better with less, communication is no longer just a “soft” skill but the most important factor in increasing revenue and growing business. Yet 70% of organizational change efforts fail due to miscommunication. Employees typically resist change in organizations whether it’s a simple change (new technology, change in work processes) or complex (new leadership, new organizational structure). The resistance is due to uncertainty and fear that surrounds the potential impact on their jobs and roles in the organization. When employees are not properly communicated with during a change, they start reaching their own conclusions, which leads to gossip and rumors. That creates a breeding ground for conflict and a toxic environment, as well as the need to replace valuable employees as job satisfaction decreases and turnover increases. The role of clear communication during an organizational change is paramount for a successful change implementation. How, when, and who the change is communicated to has a major impact on whether employees will resist or support the change and whether the change succeeds or fails. This webinar will focus on successfully leading an organization through change by effectively communicating with employees, customers, and stakeholders so that they are excited about the change, see the value of the change, and actively participate in making the change successful.

You will gain invaluable understanding of how to

  • Avoid 3 costly communication mistakes that alienate employees during change
  • Utilize best communication practices to gain employee support
  • Prevent resistance and defuse conflict
  • Overcome barriers to planning and implementing a successful change
  • Deflect uncertainty and anxiety surrounding organizational change
  • Create alignment between organizational culture and the change
Desiree HansonDesiree Hanson
Supplier Diversity Program Development

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

  • 5 Levels of Supplier Diversity Program Development (Beginning Program to World Class Process)
  • Supplier Diversity Program Development – SWOT Analysis
  • Understanding the Strategic Planning Process
  • NMSDC – Best Practices in Minority Supplier Development
  • Webinar Presentations