Paula Banerjee

University of Calcutta, India

Paula BanerjeeDr. Paula Banerjee specializes in issues of conflict and peace in South Asia. She has published extensively on issues of gender and forced migration and on autonomy. She is author of the book When Ambitions Clash and editor of the book Women in Peace Politics. Banerjee has co-edited a book on Internal Displacement in South Asia (2005) and Autonomy Beyond Kant and Hermeneutics (2007). She has been working on themes related to women, borders and democracy in South Asia and has published extensively in journals such as International Studies and Canadian Women’s Studies on issues such as histories of borders and women in conflict situations. Banerjee is on the editorial board of a number of international journals such as Prachya and Forced Migration Review. Currently, she is the Head of the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of Calcutta.

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