Loretta Calvin

Chief Strategist & President
Monroe Consulting Group

Loretta CalvinLoretta Monroe Calvin is a seasoned Human Capital executive, with 20+ years of managing and executing strategic initiatives. Ms. Calvin has experience managing multiple functions of Performance & Talent Management, Succession Planning, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership and Employee Development, Executive Coaching, Sourcing and implementation of an online TMS (talent management system), and other aspects within organizational development. She has a great sense of understanding the differences in people and is passionate about helping leaders become best leaders through successful coaching opportunities.

As President & Chief Strategist of Monroe Consulting Group, she has been able to apply the principals learned during a 20+ years with a global Fortune 100 computer distributor. During this career Ms. Calvin held various leadership positions in Sales, Operations, Information Technology and Human Resources, supporting the Americas and Global locations, create winning solutions. Ms. Calvin launched the organization’s inaugural diversity and inclusion strategic initiative, and has helped other organizations create similar models in the quest to build more inclusive cultures

It is the pairing of personal passion for helping leaders understand the various needs of the new generational workforce, belief that leaders can be guided, plus understanding overall differences which aids Ms. Calvin in the success of leadership coaching and development. She believes coaching to be the number one most effective tool for leaders to excel.

Ms. Calvin is a certified facilitator of DDI (Development Dimensions) programs, Situational Leadership (Blanchard) and has many years of experience leading strategic planning sessions, leadership and employee development, coaching, change management, sales training, diversity and other programs.

An active member of SHRM (national) and board of directors for several non-profit organizations, Ms. Calvin received her bachelor’s degree in Education from Stetson University, completed course work toward Certification Diversity Practitioner (CDP) and certification for Diversity-ROI practitioner through Virtcom Consulting, New York. She is currently working toward SPHR certification completion.

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