Webinars – August 2013

LaFern K. BatieLaFern K. Batie
Leading Transformation: Perspective, Perception, Positioning and Performance

August 6, 2013

Workplace Application: This interactive experience will challenge you to think differently about your leadership value and enhance your performance through practical, proven and powerful actions. Every successful organization must transform to remain relevant and preserve its existence.

As a leader, your impact is evident from the first encounter with those you serve, to the legacy you leave beyond your presence. Our increasingly competitive global landscape has irreversibly altered how we view leaders and what we expect them to deliver. Moving you away from familiarity and into an often uncomfortable state, the first step toward transformation begins with a decision — do I resist it, adapt to it or lead it? This session will show you the four key factors that impact your success as a leader of transformation.

Cal JacksonCal Jackson
A New Generation

August 13, 2013

This module reviews the challenges of a multigenerational workforce and progresses into today’s workplace in which our successors, Generation Y, are redefining the culture. Participants will receive new theories and tools to consider to build inclusion for the very different generation.

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