Webinars – April 2014

Linda Brown, PhDLinda Brown, PhD
Embracing Workplace Diversity & Leadership Styles and Colors

April 1, 2014

Diversity in the workplace plays a major role in establishing cultural sensitivity for leaders and how they build their teams for efficient operations for effective results. Situational and Transformational Leader skills come in diverse leadership style colors. What color is your leadership style? Leaders will know how, when and with whom they will change their leadership style colors to match the diversity and maturity of their team(s). Leaders learn the difference between “doing all the right things,” or “doing things right.” Leaders will know when to place more or less emphasis on the task and more or less emphasis on relationships with the team (s) to get the job done successfully.

We will use our 3c’s approaches; Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration resulting in “Streamline Approaches for Seamless Results.”

Pamela PerkinsPamela Perkins
Managing the Communication Climate of Your Multicultural Organization

April 15, 2014

The Human Communication Institute Leadership Series offers a variety of Communication Management Training clinics designed to focus exclusively on the role of Leadership Communication in organizational settings. This webinar will introduce the Communication Staircase Model™ as a tool of effective communication climate management. The Organizational culture depends on its formal and informal communication networks operating at a level that both supervisory and employee groups experience a successful integrated experience of organizational effectiveness. This is particularly important to institutions that employ and engage participants from diverse cultural backgrounds. The successful manager understands Human Communication not just as art but also a complex science of thoughts, words, and resultant behaviors. The Communication Staircase Model™ brings effective science into the equation. This webinar will fascinate, enlighten, and strengthen your current Leadership Communication practices as well as present a new paradigm of Communication Effectiveness at the forefront of workplace efficiency.

Participants will

  • Learn how Human Communication operates as a Behavioral Science
  • The seven Communication arenas present in EVERY organizational environment
  • How Personal Perception affects Professional Perception
  • The interdependence of each type of Communication and examples in the Workplace
  • Why Intercultural Communication (cross-cultural) is a advanced Communication skill
Chevara OrrinChevara Orrin
Coming OUT as a Straight Ally: Creating Safe Communities and Workplace

April 29, 2014

In response to a failed 2012 Human Rights Ordinance that would have expanded protections to include members of the LGBT community, We Are Straight Allies was founded to educate, engage, “call to action” and the business, faith-based, military, government, nonprofit, educational, arts and private sectors as we move towards passage of a comprehensive policy that protects the LGBT community against discrimination in Jacksonville, Florida. Our strategic educational and advocacy efforts are targeted towards city and faith based leaders, as well as everyday citizens, to ensure passage of the Human Rights Ordinance when it is again presented before City Council. The campaign is designed to reaffirm those who currently support fundamental human rights for all citizens and to further engage those who are ambivalent, previously voted against the ordinance, or who are uninformed about the real challenges that face members of our LGBT community. Notable participants in the campaign include feminist icon, Gloria Steinem, Pat Geraghty, CEO – Florida Blue and gold medalist Olympian and civil rights attorney, Nancy Hogshead-Makar

Since the fall 2013 launch of our We Are Straight Allies training program, we have had the opportunity to work with more than 30 local, regional, national and international companies and organizations. More than 5,000 people have signed the Equality Pledge. And we’re here to be sure that all straight allies have the opportunity to share their strong and powerful voice in support of equality. The personal stories of how and why we support equality for LGBT people are a significant advantage that straight allies possess. We would love to help you learn how to share that story. Please join us on April 29!

Participants will learn how to

  • Employ effective ways to increase inclusion for LGBT people
  • Approach LGBT inclusion through inviting, educating, and engaging straight allies at work and in faith-based spaces
  • Guide potential straight allies in their own “coming out” process on the way to being supportive of LGBT colleagues
  • Help straight allies resolve their own conflicts around this topic and in finding workplace-appropriate ways to express support
  • Share strategies to change exclusive and discriminatory policies that negatively impact the LGBT community
  • Align this effort with your larger diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Webinar Presentations