Webinars – April 2015

Tanya GoodmanTanya Goodman
Communicating to be inclusive – making sure everyone is on board

April 14, 2015

Communication is all about getting your point across. We’ve all experienced how miscommunication and lack of sensitivity can lead to humorous situations and sometimes conflicts. Let’s explore how in a diverse world a little more patience and sensitivity can help us understand and be understood.

Chris ButtsChris Butts
Diversity Training through Leadership: How to Cure your Diversity Training Woes

April 21, 2015

Incorporating diversity into your leadership training is a method designed to explore ways in which every member of the team can use his or her full potential to achieve a higher level of success. The increase in awareness and execution of diversity and inclusion efforts requires an advanced comprehension of accessible resources to leverage the core strengths, characteristics and cultures of each and every member of the team. This webinar will discuss the many opportunities to incorporate diversity into leadership as a value added core requirement of leadership.

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