National Diversity Week

National Diversity Week was founded in 1998, in order to raise awareness about the diversity which has shaped and continues to shape the United States. Officially, National Diversity Week falls in the full first week of October and is celebrated on a city-wide or company-wide scale across the US, though some organizations observe it at other times of the year.

During this week, we celebrate the differences and multiple viewpoints that make this country great. Organizations often commemorate the week with a series of conferences, panel discussions, workshops and other gatherings on topics related to diversity. The result is wide-spread enlightenment about the invaluable work done by people of color, women, GLBT and disabled individuals in American society at every level. This week of observance has been adopted by dozens of universities and businesses as a means of recognizing the variety of multicultural, socially-diverse and female contributions which daily make a positive impact on their organizations.

The National Diversity Council is a proud advocate of National Diversity Week. We hope to bring National Diversity Week into the public consciousness on a nation-wide scale as a means to celebrate the differences that have changed our nation for the better.