Yvonne Harris

Executive Director (Volunteer)
Council for Corporate Responsibility

Yvonne HarrisWhen Dennis approached me with his vision for a council of companies dedicated to driving corporate responsibility efforts, I knew this opportunity was too important to pass up. I truly believe that businesses (large and small) have an important role to play in shaping the future of our planet. There are so many great examples of organizations that make healthy profits in tandem with making a positive impact in the community. Profits and philanthropy can, and should, coexist. One aspect of CR that resonates with me is the concept of the Power of One, which reinforces the individual responsibility to be change drivers in our communities. We cannot just look to corporations to donate money and time to important causes; we need to understand and exercise our right to do the same… consistently. Every positive seed sown into the life of an individual or community will reap that change in the world that we seek, and multiply! I give my time to the Council for Corporate Responsibility because I want this world to be a better place for future generations. I will no longer sit on the sidelines and watch things happen, and wish that I could help. I CAN help. I WILL help. Will you? Are you in?