Jim Penny

Executive Director
National Diversity Council

Jim PennyAuthor of twelve books, including the nine volume Standards of Knowledge management series, Jim Penny is also a speaker, mentor, coach, e-learning expert, business owner and entrepreneur. Jim has held many senior level positions in corporate America including Vice President, President, COO, and CEO. Additionally, he is recognized as a “sales superstar” who routinely exceeded his annual quotas, ranking “Number One in the World” for several organizations. Jim has helped many salespeople learn how to routinely exceed their quotas .

Jim has been teaching organizations about the functions, skills and competencies of management since the 1970’s. He frequently speaks to business and professional groups about management and networking, basing his talks on the Standards of Knowledge and Networking Genius.

Jim is a long time diversity advocate, a member of DallasHR’s (SHRM) leadership team, and a repeat presenter at HRSouthwest, the largest regional human resources conference in the United States. His latest book and speeches, based upon Tell the Children: Values Build Character, are dedicated to helping parents and organizations (corporations, associations, and non-profits) return their focus to values, the building blocks and foundation of character.