Robin VanMeter

Diversity and Inclusion Manager of North America
Direct Energy

Robin VanMeterAs the Diversity and Inclusion Manager of North America, Robin VanMeter is responsible for creating and implementing a strategy for North America through imbedding diversity and inclusion through people, places, and processes. She has 6 years of experience in the energy industry. Her former roles include Operational Readiness and retail management. Robin is graduating in October 2019 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Robin currently serves on the board of Oklahomans for Equality. She is the program director for Family Ties, which is an LGBTQ+ family group that hosts family outings with families similar to their own, and those who support them.

Robin is the founder and former chair of Spectrum, Direct Energy’s LGBTQ+ employee resource group. The Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando made Direct Energy realize that as an organization, there was a need to respond to the needs of, and provide support for, their local LGBTQ+ community. Spectrum has educational seminars for employees and has served the community through volunteering, fundraising, and food/clothing/hygiene drives.

Outside of work, Robin enjoys spending time with her wife and two children, as well as woodworking and traveling.