Mario Middleton

National Director, Multicultural Development
University of Phoenix

Mario Middleton
Mario Middleton is the National Director of multicultural development for University of Phoenix, a subsidiary of Apollo Group. He is responsible for the assessment, design, development and implementation of the external corporate diversity strategy to build an inclusive environment to support University of Phoenix business strategy. Mario serves as the champion for University of Phoenix diversity initiatives to an internal community of managers, supervisors, and employees, as well as the ambassador to external communities such as diversity-oriented professional groups, educational organizations, and more. Mario leverages diversity as a tool to help drive business success.

Mario’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen have provided him with more than 12 years of experience as a small business consultant and business owner. He has extensive expertise ranging from business and human resource administration to marketing new products and services. Mario is recognized by clients and colleagues as the consummate business professional known for inspiring excellence, discovering creative resourceful business solutions.

Mario is active within the civic community. He is a member of the Corporate Advisory Board of Director for the US Black Chamber, Inc. and Board member of the Greater of Phoenix Black Chamber, two organizations dedicated to improving economic development of business entrepreneurs and the communities. Mario also serves on the Advisory Council for Phoenix Department of Education and Arizona Community Foundation Black Philanthropy task force.

Mario is currently working on his doctoral degree in Organizational Management and Leadership at the University of Phoenix.